Friday, April 6, 2012

The Long Drive

After packing up the car Friday night in the snow (thanks Rochester for the reminder of why we're moving!) we  camped out on the floor of our Living Room.  Bandit was super confused, but rolled with it pretty well.  Geoff brought home Chipotle so we had a nice romantic dinner sitting on the floor.

The next morning, we drugged Bandit with his puppy sedatives and headed over to Time Warner to drop off the Cable Modem & Box.  After that, we were on our way around 8:30am.  The weather was pretty dreary, but at least it had stopped snowing!

On our way!

As we pulled onto the highway, Bandit was already passed out in my lap.  We could tell at that point this trip would be much easier with him than previous trips.  We used to have to stop every 2 hours to avoid him getting car sick.  This time, we drove until we were running out of gas, just north of Selinsgrove, PA.  We hit a Sheetz for gas and lunch and let Bandit go outside.  It was about that time I realized Bandit looked like he was as high as a kite.  At least the pills helped his anxiety about the car!

Sleepy pup!
The rest of that day's drive was fairly uneventful until we hit the DC area.  Our GPS led us astray, so we had to flip to get back on the right highway...where we promptly came to a stop.  The infamous DC traffic!  I was just glad we were passing through DC on a Saturday instead of a weekday! We saw a nice little reminder of Rochester as we passed through the area:


Oh Wegmans, how we'll miss you!!

Before too much longer, we were pulling into our hotel in Fredericksburg, Virginia for the night.  We were a little worried about how Bandit would fare coming out of his sedative-induced haze, but he pulled through pretty great!

The next day was pretty much a repeat of the first...except I started out driving.  We gave Bandit a sedative again and he hardly even shook as we got in the car!

State #6 on our journey

We spent our second night outside of Savannah, Georgia.  Both locations we stopped overnight in were great, they were really convenient to the highway so we didn't get lost!

Monday morning we were up bright and early again to get started towards Florida!  The trip on Monday was only 5 hours, so we didn't sedate Bandit.  Surprisingly, he did fine in the car!  By 10am we had reached the Florida line.

Welcome to Florida!
It was so great knowing our trip was almost done!  My parents were gracious enough to let us stay with them until our furniture was delivered, so we were heading straight to their place.  It's been a relaxing and hot few days!  On Wednesday we headed over to pick up the keys to our apartment, it's lovely and we can't wait to get all settled in.  After getting the keys we did a little house hunting and found a house that Geoff and I just love.  We placed a deposit on the lot while we work out some details with the builder.  I'll post more about that at a later date.

For now, Happy Easter everyone!  Have a fantastic weekend!

Someone's getting used to the Florida Sunshine!

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