Friday, April 13, 2012

Settling In

Our movers delivered furniture right on time Monday morning.  It then dawned on me how much stuff we really do have!  Before too long, our kitchen looked like this:

Talk about overwhelming!  As of now, we have the entire kitchen and living room unpacked and about half of the bedroom...not too bad!  We'll put in some effort this weekend and hopefully we'll be totally unpacked by Sunday night!

It's been pretty warm, but not that humid, so we're loving the weather so far!  Especially when we hear reports of snow up north!  I'll take a bad day with allergies than dusting the snow off my car any day!

Geoff took this picture on his way to work earlier this week, it's right outside our apartment.

Bandit had his first day at his new doggy day camp yesterday.  He did really well!  We're so happy to have found a place that seems just as great for him as Dog E Woggy's up in Rochester!

In other news, I'm going to be stopping by the DMV today to officially become a Florida resident!  ...Of course that means I'll be able to go get my Disney Florida Resident Annual Pass sometime soon!  I'm surprised at my restraint so far.  Surprised and proud of myself!

We also found a house we love.  We have the pre-approval done, so now we just need to negotiate the contract.  Should take about 5 months to build, so I'm sure I'll be providing updates along the way!

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