Monday, April 30, 2012

Future Home Part 2

We had the fun day yesterday: it was time to pick out our colors!

We picked the color for the outside of the house, the floors, the cabinets, the was a big day.

Probably the biggest argument was over the outside of the house.  We liked yellow, but not *too* yellow...or too beige.  We finally decided on "Roycroft Vellum."  Hopefully we like it once it's on the house!

We decided to upgrade our cabinets too.  Geoff and I really like the "Shaker" style.  The sample cabinet above is the color we chose (Cognac in case you're curious) along with the granite we decided on.  We went with the colors of the floors in the model.  So if you look at the middle of that picture above, you'll get a good idea of what our kitchen might look like!

Our house should be finished sometime in September.  I'm excited to see it all completed!

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  1. I found that picking out colors from the small swatches was so hard to do!