Monday, April 16, 2012

Disney Dining Reviews: Epcot 4/15

Part of the reason I started this blog was to have the opportunity to review Disney restaurants like I did on the DIS.  I'll mark every dining review as such in the title of the post.  I'm sure some I will do as individual restaurants and others I'll do like this one, where I combine several into one.  

For this post, I'll be talking about Sunshine Seasons, Cava Del Tequila, La Cantina de San Angel and the Boulangerie Patisserie.

Sunshine Seasons
As we grabbed fastpasses for Soarin' I heard the Croissant Berry Pudding calling my name.  Of course, who am I to resist the lure of such a delicious breakfast treat?

Croissant Berry Pudding, Sunshine Seasons

I first had the Croissant Berry Pudding last Memorial Day weekend.  In my opinion, it's a little hidden gem that I don't think most people know about.  It's basically a bread pudding made with croissants and blueberries.  It's not overly sweet and the portion is just perfect for a light breakfast snack (light in texture, I'm sure not light in calories unfortunately!)  If you find yourself at Sunshine Seasons during breakfast time, this is definitely worth taking time out to enjoy!

La Cava del Tequila
My Mom and I knew we wanted to hit up the Mexican Counter Service for lunch.  What better beverage to wash some tacos down with than margaritas!  My Mom apparently has never been to La Cava, she usually picks up her margaritas from the stand outside.  She never knew what she was missing.

Blood Orange & Midnight Blue Margaritas, Cava del Tequila
 On the left is my Blood Orange margarita.  To be honest, this is the only one I've tried here, but I love it so much that i have a hard time tearing myself away from it!  On the right is my Mom's Midnight Blue margarita.  I was anxious to try a sip of it!  It was delicious as well!  It was slightly more tart than my Blood Orange.  I might have to try it next time.  I'm a sucker for blue drinks!!

It is important to note that these margaritas are more expensive than the stand outside.  That being said, they're totally worth it.  I'm not a huge drinker, so after one I'm usually done.  I'd rather spend more for this drink than get one of the frozen ones, they've got so much more flavor!  They don't skip on the tequila here either, these drinks are strong!  You can also sit inside and get some snacks to go with your margaritas.  If you follow them on Twitter @cavadeltequila they also have specials for their Twitter followers!

La Cantina de San Angel
When my Mom and I were talking about coming up, we were debating whether to make an ADR (Advanced Dining Reservation) at one of the sit-down restaurants.  She then suggested getting Mexican Counter Service and it stuck!  I had tried it for the first time this past September and it was delicious.

Tacos de Carne, La Cantina de San Angel
I got the beef tacos and my Mom got the chicken ones.  I took one of hers and she took one of mine.  Both options are excellent, though my beef ones were fairly greasy.  I liked being able to share since I think it's a toss up on which one I like more!  They have a few options for salsa out.  I love that their green salsa is mild since I enjoy green salsas, but they're usually too spicy for me.  The food here is really fresh and probably more Americanized as nothing is too terribly spicy.

Seating here can be hard to come by, but we lucked out and had someone stand up as soon as I started looking.  We had a bigger table, so we made sure to leave room in case anyone had a hard time finding a table and needed to join us.  We had a family join us at the table.  Don't be shy in asking to share a table!  Unless someone is waiting for others, I've never had anyone say no.

Boulangerie Patisserie
As we were walking around the World Showcase, I decided I wanted something sweet.  We wound up stopping at the bakery in France.  So many tasty treats!  I went back to the Strawberry Tart that I had before.  The strawberries are so fresh!  The only complaint I have about this treat is that it's a little hard to eat.

Strawberry Tart, Boulangerie Patisserie 
I'm also looking forward to the rumored expansion of the bakery.  It'll be nice to have more room in there so you can adequately see what sweets they have available!

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