Sunday, April 22, 2012

Future Home

On Tuesday night we met with the builder to officially sign our contract.  Friday we gave them a LOT of money...

Which means this is now officially the site of our future home:

Since I've been asked for it, I thought I would also share our floorplan and the picture the builder provided us on a completed model.

Floor Plan

Completed model

We're actually not adding that many options.  The biggest things are changing out the phone lines for internet (ask Geoff for details if you want...), fencing in the yard, screening the lanai, and adding tray ceilings.

We might upgrade our cabinets, but we're not sure yet.  We get to pick out all of that stuff later this week, I'm excited for that part!


  1. This is exciting!!!! When will we see your house plan?

    1. Soon! Promise :) I need things to post here!

  2. Are you going to wire the whole house with CAT5e (or 6)? That would be way cool!

    1. We're swapping out phone lines with CAT5e lines. Geoff had to explain it to the sales lady a few times.