Monday, April 16, 2012

Epcot Flower And Garden Festival

As I mentioned in my previous post, I joined my Mom up at Epcot on Sunday.  I got there just after park opening and quick took care of getting my Annual Pass.

  It was shaping up to be a gorgeous day.  Very few clouds in the sky and a nice breeze.  Our first order of business was to stop by Soarin' for Fastpasses.  I also couldn't resist stopping to get some Croissant Berry Pudding from Sunshine Seasons!

After the quick breakfast break, we were on to Test Track.  I knew it was closing on April 16 for a fairly major refurb, so I thought it would be nice to ride one more time on the current version!

Since we were on that side of the park, we also looked through the Flower & Garden Festival Center.  They set it up very similar to the Food & Wine Festival Center.

Goofy topiary outside of the Festival Center

Pluto & Donald topiaries outside the Festival Center
Flowers on display inside
We then rode Nemo, Figment & Living with the Land as we waited for our Soarin' fastpasses to be active.  Living with the Land had a line that stretched throughout Sunshine Seasons...and they had the switchbacks open!  When we got on Soarin' we had people on both sides of us who hadn't experienced it before.  It was neat to hear their reactions to everything!

By the time we were done with Soarin' it was time for lunch!  We knew we were heading to Mexico for margaritas and tacos!  Yum!  It didn't disappoint.  We took a stroll around the World Showcase after lunch checking out some of the topiaries.
Along the walkway from Future World to World Showcase

Peter Pan near the entrance to World Showcase

Farmer Mickey & Minnie

Seven Dwarves in Germany

As we were walking around, the Voices of Liberty were just starting.  I love the Voices of Liberty, they're one of my favorite things to check out in Epcot, so we stopped in and listened.  They were as good as always!

Voices of Liberty in the American Adventure
 We stopped for a sweet snack in France.  Rumor has it that the bakery is expanding.  If it's true, it'll be a great addition since the bakery is so small as it is!

Cogsworth & Lumiere in France
 We caught the World Showcase players in the UK putting on their show about the Holy Grail.  I love the Streetmosphere and other shows like this that they put on.  As usual, they did a great job!
Pooh & Friends in the UK
 Before leaving the park, we stopped and did Spaceship Earth.  Because obviously no trip to Epcot would be complete without riding Spaceship Earth!

All in all, it was a pretty fantastic day.  The weather was just awesome.  And the best part is that it was just a Sunday for me, not like I was on vacation!  Really fun to just be able to pick up and go to the Parks if I want to on a weekend.  I know I'm going to be spoiled!


  1. Must be a great feeling to head to Disney whenever you feel like it! So jealous, but happy for you!

  2. It's a pretty awesome feeling, not gonna lie...