Monday, April 16, 2012

First Weekend in Melbourne

What a weekend!  It's been a great weekend for our first official weekend in Melbourne.

Friday night we met up with a few of Geoff's coworkers and their wives for dinner in downtown Melbourne.  Turns out it was the second Friday of the month, which means that Friday Fest was going on.  The street was blocked off and there were vendors, live music, and other activities going on.  The best part? We weren't freezing!  We had a great time and at the risk of sounding cheesy, we made some friends too!

We spent Saturday unpacking the rest of our apartment (at least everything we were going to unpack!)  So now we have all of our clothes and dishes put away...and Bandit has his toys again!

Living Room & Kitchen/Dining Room

Looking back towards the door

We also discovered that our dishwasher didn't work when we started it that morning!  We went to put the dishes away before taking these pictures and they were still dirty with water pooled at the least it didn't leak!

Our Master bedroom, there's an attached bath and a nice large walk-in closet.  There's another bedroom (which is filled with boxes we won't be unpacking), a laundry room & another bathroom.  It's a nice sized apartment, it'll be comfortable for us for the next 6 months as we build our house.

After we had everything done, we headed out for a spin.  It was a pretty overcast and windy day, so we didn't really get out anywhere, but we drove down to 1A and went north.  We checked out Cocoa (where Geoff lived for a year as a kid) and as we drove further north we hit Port Canaveral and from 1A we could see the cruise ships in port.  If it were a nicer day, it would have been fun to try and find a spot to watch them pull away!

The highlight of the day was being able to eat dinner at a table instead of on our's the little pleasures in life!

On Sunday, Geoff stayed home with Bandit and played video games while I went up to Disney!  I met up with my Mom and got my Annual Pass!  I'll do another post about the day in a little while.

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