Friday, March 30, 2012

Moving Day

Yesterday I spent the day working on the couch as the movers packed around us.  Geoff and I think we have a lot of stuff, but apparently compared to most, we don't.  Just about everything is packed now.  Except the pile that we've decided to bring with us.  Fingers crossed that it'll actually fit in the car!

Bedroom all ready to go!

Today they'll be coming back and loading the truck.  Of course, the truck won't fit in our neighborhood, so they'll be shuttling everything back and forth using a UHaul...nothing can be easy!

This time tomorrow we'll be on the road, heading down to our first stop in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Poor Bandit doesn't handle the car well, so the next three days will be an adventure.  Our Vet gave us some puppy tranquilizers, so we're hoping they'll work and he won't be totally freaking out.

Next stop: Florida!  Wish us luck!


  1. Aww poor Bandit. Will this be Bandit's first time south of PA?