Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ipsy Review June 2014

Better late than never?  It's about time I do my Ipsy review now that it's officially July, right?

For anyone unfamiliar with Ipsy, it's a Monthly Beauty Subscription that runs $10/month.  They send 4-5 sample, deluxe, or full-size items each month.  Ipsy tends to be more make-up focused than Birchbox, so if you're only going to get one and you want make-up, Ipsy should be your choice.

Starting from left to right, per usual...first is the Laneige BB Cushion/BB Cream.  This is a Korean brand and Korean BB Creams are supposed to be the best on the market.  I have to say that this surprised me on how much I liked it.  The sample came with light, medium, & dark tones and the light was a perfect match for my skin.  I am now looking into other Korean brands for when I need to replace mine (I wasn't crazy about the cushion aspect of this.)

Next is the NickaK Shimmer Eyeliner.  I really like this eyeliner.  I apparently love liquid liners (this is the second one I've received, and I love it!)  My coworker received the green shimmer, which isn't her style, so she gave it to me.  I love these eyeliners!

Next is the Nyx Butter Gloss, I received it in Apple Strudel.  I'm not a huge fan of glosses, but this one is nice.  It's a little sticky when you first put it on, but the color is nice.

The Marc Anthony Beach Spray smells like a Pina Colada.  Now that I've cut my hair short, if I don't dry it, it gets really kinky.  This spray helps it along, but it tangles my hair something fierce, so it's not my favorite.

Finally, I got the Lash Out Mascara from Be A Bombshell.  This mascara stunk. It had a ridiculously strong chemical smell.  They have said that it's safe to use on their Facebook page, but I couldn't get the wand anywhere near my face without my eyes immediately tearing up.  I wrote to Ipsy about it and they sent me a replacement product, a different mascara from Elizabeth Mott.  I was glad to see they sent a replacement.

To end on a high note, how cute is the bag this month?!

Ipsy teamed up with Rebecca Minkoff for the design this month and it's amazing.  This bag probably had a lower value compared to other recent bags, but it introduced me to new products that I love, so it's definitely a win!

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