Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ipsy July 2014

Wrapping up my Monthly Subscription fun for the month of July is my Ipsy bag!  Spoiler: it's also the worst one this month...sad face. If you're not familiar with Ipsy, it's a beauty subscription that runs $10 and is sent out every month.  It's focus is less general beauty and more make-up focused.  You receive 4-5 samples each month (and sometimes full-sized items!)  They have a point system for reviews, but it's pretty hard to redeem points without referrals - it's a nice extra, but it's not a reason to sign up for Ipsy. They also send you a make-up bag every month.

This month, the bag was a neon pink, square, with a scalloped edge.  Someone called it a bright pink ravioli and it's pretty accurate.  Not my favorite.

As for the products, beginning on the left, I received Faith Aromatherapy Lotion.  The scent makes me gag, it's very strong on the ginger.  Not a winner.

Next is the Pop Beauty Bronzer. (Full-size!) I don't wear bronzer - I'm far too pale, it just makes me look like I smeared dirt on my face.  My Mom wears bronzer though, so she now has a new one!  I also gave her the lotion and the bag.  Sorry Mom!

In the middle is the 5-in-1 cream eye shadow from BareMinerals.  I was hoping for this over the other eyeshadow possibility since the other one was a purple powder and I have a bunch of them already.  I received the 5-in-1 in the shade, Divine Wine.  I first used the applicator to apply directly to my eyelid and it looked like mud.  So I put a little on my hand and then used a brush to apply - then it's actually nice.  But I probably wouldn't buy it.

Next is the Pur-Lisse sunscreen.  This stuff is in a million subscription boxes, which is probably why it's so expensive.  The full size is $55 - which seems ridiculous for sunscreen.  I threw this in my purse so that I'll have it if I'm out.  A nice product, but nothing to be super excited about.

Finally is Elizabeth Mott Tints & Sass. (Full-size!)  It's a cheek and lip-stain in a cherry red.  I really hate stains.  They're never even and leave my lips sticky.  Not my favorite product.

The problem with this month's bag is that it's a total swing and miss for me.  Just not my favorite.  Oh well, I still like it overall.  The products were good and the value is awesome, but it's the risk you take with Subscriptions!

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