Sunday, October 19, 2014

Birchbox Review: August, September & October

Oh hi there...sorry I totally abandoned this blog.  I'm honestly not sure where the time went!  Seems like just yesterday it was March!

Since I'm behind, I'm going to just do one catch-up post with my boxes from the last three months.  For anyone who isn't familiar, Birchbox is a monthly subscription box service.  It runs $10 (including shipping) and focuses on beauty - skincare, haircare, & make-up.  I've been subscribing since last September, I'm a big fan of it.  If you're interested in signing up, I would be grateful if you used my link as it gets me bonus points!

August was a pretty great month for me.  Birchbox has recently started doing a pick your sample program where you're able to choose one of about 4 samples they've pre-selected to appear in your box.  I didn't choose one this month because nothing really grabbed me.  Of course, I received one anyway - it'd be the Noir black eyeliner.  It's the only thing I wasn't excited to receive - I don't wear black eyeliner because it's a pretty harsh look on me.  I have to say though, I mentioned that I wasn't excited about it on Instagram and the company actually reached out to me to ask why - so props to Noir!  I was excited to try the Amika dry shampoo as I've recently discovered dry shampoos and I'm in love.  I can finally go a day without washing my hair and not have my hair be totally greasy!

I had received a different Vasanti product in my box previously that I loved, so I was anxious to try the cleanser.  It's not my favorite, but I was still happy to try it.  The ageless body cream by Harvey Prince smells pretty great, but I don't use it terribly often.  The Pore Medic from Dr. Jart was another thing I was pretty excited to try.  I've been looking for a good primer - I've tried Benefit's Porefessional and it's not my favorite.  I'm not totally wild about the Dr Jart, but it's definitely something I was happy to try.

For August, I was pretty excited when my box arrived.  Turns out a lot of the products weren't for me, but it's all stuff I was happy to try.  I'd much rather try a sample and not like it than buy something full sized and not like it!

Oh September, how I loathed this box.  In this case, I did pick a sample - I opted to try the Sheseido.  It's a really nice size sample - I'm still using it.  I'm not totally sure that I notice a difference in my skin, but I do like the way it feels when I use it.

As for the rest of the box...ugh. I'm not a perfume person, and I've discovered I'm not crazy about highlighter products, so I traded the Viva La Juicy & Temptu with a friend at work for her Pixi Lip Balm in Raspberry.  Much happier!  Birchbox has a habit of sending me hair shampoo (or dry shampoo) and conditioner (or leave-in conditioner.)  I've only ever had 2 boxes without it.  I'm okay with it, I do like playing with hair products.  But I was not excited about the Dear Clark.  I tried it out since it was sulfate free,  but discovered that I hated it.  I hated the way it made my hair feel and on top of it, it smelled like I accidentally used Geoff's shampoo.  Not a fan.

September was a pretty big bust for me, but it's always a gamble I'm willing to take.

Yay! And October!  Again this month Birchbox did a pick your sample and I chose the ModelCo Kitty lipstick.  I love it.  It's a perfect everyday, nude shade.  It'll definitely become a staple in my purse!  Again I received a perfume, which I actually spritzed and hated it.  So I gave it to my friend at work who loves perfumes.  Glad someone can get use out of it!  The Lord & Berry eyeliner is a black glitter.  And it's the smallest sample size ever - I kind of hate the size.  I received the regular black liner from them in an Ipsy bag (spoiler alert) and it's in my gift/trade pile that I've started.  Black liner is just not for me.

The Bee Kind lotion I was really excited about at first, I love the scent, but it does not moisturize well.  I keep lotion on my desk at work and I swear I'm going through this one at an alarming rate.   Finally there's the Dr Brant Vacuum Cleaner.  I've only tried it once so far, I'm probably going to try it again today.  So I can't say if I've noticed a difference, but it's definitely something I'm excited to try.

October was a mixed bag for me, but the lipstick more than makes up for the rest of the bag - if I were to buy it separately it would have been more than I spent on the box. So that's definitely a win!  I'm hoping November is better. Birchbox is doing the pick your sample again in November, but I'm not wild about any of the choices.  I'm going to leave it to fate and see what happens!

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