Sunday, July 13, 2014

Birchbox Man Review July 2014

Geoff got his first Birchbox in June.  We were just going to do one month, but didn't cancel in time, whoops!  So he also received a box for July.  Turned out to be a pretty great box for him, so we're glad we missed a deadline.

The Men's version of Birchbox is pretty similar to the Women's version.  The biggest difference is the price - the Men's box runs $20 a month.  Each month the Men's box includes a higher dollar value "lifestyle" item which account for the price difference.  If you're unfamiliar with either version, Birchbox is a monthly subscription service.  When signing up, you take a quiz that sets up your profile.  The items they send you are based on this profile. (For example, if you are bald, you can mark it as such so they don't send you shampoo/conditioner.)  What I love about Birchbox is the point system.  You can earn points for purchases as well as for reviewing the items you receive each month, each review is worth 10 points and every 100 points earns you $10 in their shop!

For Geoff's box this month, starting in the upper left, there's Baxter of California Moisturizer.  Geoff really likes the facial scrub by Baxter of California from June's box, so this was a great item to receive.

Next is the Proraso After Shave Lotion.  Geoff had bought a different type of after shave product from Proraso recently, so he was happy to receive this to compare the two.  It has found a new home in our travel sized product collection, so I think he liked it!

In the bottom left corner, there's Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash.  This product has made it's home in our shower. He doesn't like it quite as much as the Baxter of California wash, but it's still a winner.

Next up is the V76 by Vaughn trio of products.  He received the shampoo, conditioner, and lip balm.  In Geoff's profile, we have him marked as bald since he was much more interested in facial products than he was in hair products.  So we shouldn't have received the shampoo/conditioner.  However, in looking through the other boxes, I thought this box still suited him the best, so I didn't email Birchbox.  About a week after receiving his box, we got an email from Birchbox apologizing for sending the shampoo/conditioner and they offered 100 points.  Which confirms why I like and recommend Birchbox.  As for the lip balm, I'm glad Geoff now has a "manly" balm to use so he can stop stealing my chapstick in the winter!

Finally, for the lifestyle item this month, Geoff received the Harry's razor.  When Geoff started Birchbox, he got really into wet shaving (which is why we're not continuing with Birchbox, he'd rather take the $20 each month and get new soaps, which is what he really wants.)  He also bought himself a double-edged safety razor, so he doesn't have a whole lot of use for the razor he received.  It also came with a gift card to order 4 replacement blades off of Harry's website (which we did.)  Geoff's hanging onto this razor just so he has a nice one to travel with.

All in all, this was a good box for Geoff.  The trouble we have with Birchbox Man is that so much of the value of the box is wrapped up in the lifestyle item, which can be really hit or miss.  We would continue in a heartbeat if the Men's box was $10 like the Women's box, but without the lifestyle item.  But if you're more formal in your lifestyle, it would be worth the gamble each month.  I think we may sign up for a box occasionally if they're running a good special, but I don't think we'll keep it going each month.

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