Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Rainbow Honey July 2014

I'm on a roll - 4 posts in 4 days!  (Okay, so I've set these all up on Saturday morning when I was being lazy...)  I decided to treat myself this month and buy a whole bunch of nail polish.  I bought some full sized polishes as well as a Mini Mystery Bag!

These were my full sized polishes.  The green one on the left is Tayabak, a pretty minty green color that I'm a little obsessed with.  It's currently on my toes with a matte top coat and it's really pretty for summer.  The middle one - get ready - is essentially a Captain America glitter polish.  I KNOW! How perfect.  It's called I'm the Hero and it's red, white, & blue glitter with stars.  Amazing.  Finally, I bought a Summer Juice scented Top Coat and Summer Juice scented cuticle balm (I received a roller ball of the scent in a previous mystery bag and it's a great scent!)  The Top Coat isn't the best top coat, but I love the scent.  Next time I use it I'll actually layer it over a better top coat so I can still sit there and sniff my nails like a crazy person.

Now for the Mystery Pack!  They have a Mini one for $10 + shipping and a Full Size one for $25.  I get the Mini.

The scent this month is Midori - pretty much exactly what you think it smells like.  There's a cooling gel (for sunburn), a cuticle balm, and a roller ball.  It's an okay scent, but I like Summer Juice better - Midori is a little sweet.

The polishes from left to right are Deep Heart Sea, a blue glitter, gel-like polish.  It's not my favorite, but I like the other two!  The middle one is Chemical Plant.  It's a very small glitter, shimmery pink.  It's super pretty!  Finally there's Viridis.  It's a clear polish with chunky green glitter.  It's gorgeous over the full-sized Tayabak that I got.

I really love Rainbow Honey.  The colors are unique and fun.  The nice thing about their mystery pack is that you can either subscribe or buy it individually.  So you can see spoilers before you purchase it if you want.

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