Thursday, June 5, 2014

Post 100: A look back on moving to Florida

This is my 100th post on this little blog!  A little over 2 years ago we started our adventure of moving to Florida.  I'm amazed at how much things have changed in such a relatively short period of time.  I've been meaning to do this post now for about a year.  One of the biggest questions I'm asked is if I'm happy we moved to Florida and if I miss anything about New York.  Seems like if our 1 year (*cough* or two year) anniversary of the move isn't a good time to post, perhaps post 100 is the next best thing.  Spoiler alert: I still love that we moved and would do it again in a heartbeat.

Things I miss about New York: 
First and foremost, I miss my Church.  I still haven't found one down here that I like.  Most churches are quite large and aren't that intimate. It just doesn't feel right to me. I also loved my Pastor & the Congregation, especially those in the Choir.

Next is the wineries. There's a ton to do here in Florida, but it was always such a nice time to take a drive into the Finger Lakes for the day. We drink more beer/cider now than we did in New York because we always had a ton of wine on hand.

Last, but certainly not least is Wegmans!  I'm just now starting to come to grips with the fact that we won't ever get one.  My Publix is pretty nice, but it's no Wegmans.  It's really the prepared food section, fresh meats, cheeses, & produce that make Wegmans so special.  Seriously, I could wax poetic on Wegmans all day, so I'll spare you.

Things I don't miss about New York: the snow. The cold. The taxes. The gray.

Things I LOVE about Florida:

THE WEATHER!  I guess that goes without saying.  There's nothing like sitting outside in the middle of February with your toes in the sand. Or having all the windows open and it's March. It's fantastic.  Some people say that we're crazy because the summers can be so hot, but you get used to it very quickly...and stay indoors!

How laid back everything is. I wear flip flops to work. The picture on the left? I took it at lunch on a work day.  Really not too shabby.

Our House.  It's perfect and I love it.

How much stuff there is too do around here.  On any given weekend, we can go to the beach, go to Theme Parks (Disney, Universal, SeaWorld), go to the Space Center, or go to any number of Wildlife Preserves.  We are never at a lack for things to do - weekends or vacations.  Want to get away?  It's only a short drive.

Family. It's fantastic to be so close to my parents.  We can very easily see them in a weekend - and it means no traveling on holidays some years!  Plus Geoff's parents have taken advantage of having us so close and have come down to visit - we love visitors!

I've also seen more of my friends in the last 2 years than I did in the 5 years I spent in New York.  Since Florida is such a popular vacation destination, it means I get to see people more frequently!

All in all, I'm very happy we moved down here.  I love the friends that we've made here and can see us here for quite a while. Life has been kind to us.

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