Sunday, May 11, 2014

Influenster Review: Sargento Ultra Thin Cheese

Last month I received my Ipsy bag, Graze Box, and Influenster Vox Box on the same day!  It was a very exciting mail day.  Influenster is a social website where you can review products.  Occasionally, they'll also send out a "Vox Box" with items that companies are promoting.  I received this as part of their program (so free, I didn't pay anything for it.)

When I found out I got it, I thought I would just get a few coupons for some cheese.  Instead it came with a fantastic lunch box!  I love that it came with more than just some coupons - I will gladly advertise Sargento everytime I bring lunch with me to work.

Anyway, this isn't about the bag (though seriously, I love it) it's about the cheese!  In case you don't know me in real life, you should know that I have a weakness for good cheese - mild, sharp, stinky, I love it all!  I even have a Pinterest Board dedicated to Mac & Cheese - it has over 100 recipes on it! So to say I was excited about this is to put it lightly.

I received a coupon for a free pack of Sargento Ultra Thin Cheese.  I picked provolone.  It was good - it was cheese, it's hard to go wrong.  The big claim to fame of this cheese versus others is that it is sliced thin, it's only 45 calories per slice.  Most of us are going to only put one slice on a sandwich at a time, it doesn't really matter how thick the slice is.  So it's great if you want some cheese but are watching your calories.  I ate most of it as a snack though - which means I shared a lot of it with El Bandito...he also approves!

I would definitely buy it again!

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