Monday, September 24, 2012

Disneyland Day 4!

The next morning we decided to treat ourselves to a nice breakfast.  I had heard that Steakhouse 55 did a decent breakfast, and that the restaurant itself was neat to check out.  Since Disneyland didn't open until 9am that morning, we took our time getting ready and then walked over.  We had no problems getting in without reservations (still weird to be able to do that at Disneyland!) and enjoyed a good breakfast...but I totally forgot to take pictures, so I forgot what I had.  There were pictures of old movie stars on the walls and the one waiter talked to us about who they were.  Definitely would recommend if you want a nice breakfast.

Once we were done, we headed over to the monorail station!  Since we were on the other side of Downtown Disney, we took the opportunity to hop on the monorail to get into Disneyland that morning.  The monorail takes you right to Tomorrowland instead of the entrance like at WDW.

Mona Monorail!

Since we didn't do any of Tomorrowland on our last time in Disneyland, we made sure we explored it today.  We rode Buzz and Star Tours twice and also did Space Mountain.  The Space Mountain in Disneyland is definitely superior to WDW.  Our next stop was Small World.  I love Disneyland's version.  I love the classic characters that are in the ride.  I love the outside.  It's adorable.  Of course we had a family behind us that were totally obnoxious; they complained about how long it took to load, and then proceeded to talk the entire time.  I can tell why they were in such a hurry to get on the ride...

Tomorrowland & Small World
After Small World, we headed into Toontown.  Again, I love Disneyland's Toontown.  It is just really done well.  It's like you're actually walking into a cartoon.  We decided we couldn't come all the way to California without meeting the Head Cheese himself, so we made sure to wait to meet Mickey.

As a side note, with breakfast and the monorail, we wound up entering the park at about 9:15 or so.  Since it was now Tuesday, the crowds were really starting to die down.  Tuesday and Wednesday were both fantastic when it came to wait times!  It was probably after 11 by the time we made our way back to Toontown and we only waited 10 minutes at most to meet Mickey.

From there we hopped on the train and took it around to New Orleans Square.  We still hadn't done the Jungle Cruise, we needed to remedy that.
Ah! What happened to the passengers?!
It's not too much different from the WDW version.  Which means we laughed, and were about the only people on the boat who were laughing.  The usual.

We then headed over to the Tiki Room.  We got our dole whips (again no picture - sorry!) and took them into the show with us.  First, they don't have a swirl with vanilla ice cream, it's just pineapple.  Still good, but I really like it swirled, so I was a little disappointed.  Second, it felt so wrong to be eating it inside the show!  I mean, I'm so used to no food or drink in attractions that it felt like we were breaking rules...don't worry though, we didn't.

Tiki outside
To be continued!

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