Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dining Review - Uva Bar and Bubba Gumps

As promised, here's a review for our meals that we had at Disneyland!

We started off with a snack at the Uva Bar.

The Uva Bar is located at the center of Downtown Disney.  It's all outdoors.  As you see in the picture, it's affiliated with the restaurant "Catal," but it has its own separate menu.

We had a nice shady spot. Really the location is fun for a break because there's a lot of opportunity for people watching.  Both my Mom and I started off with beverages.

I had the Electric Lemonade (on the left) and my Mom had the skinny margarita.  We also decided to have a bit of a snack so we could try to have dinner at a more normal time.

We opted for the Tuna Tartare tacos.  These were delicious.  They were just the right size of a snack. It was ahi tuna, avacado on top with a radish and a crunchy shell.  As you can see, the appetizer came with 4 tacos, which made it great to split!

All in all, we really enjoyed ourselves.  The service was good, the drinks were tasty and the food was yummy!  Not to mention, the atmosphere was perfect for an afternoon break.

For dinner that night we headed over to Garden Walk to Bubba Gumps.  I totally fell down on the job and only remembered pictures of my food after I started eating.

As I mentioned in my last post, neither my Mom or I had been to one before, so this was a new experience for us.

Since it was vacation, we both got beverages (two! I was living large...)

I had the Delta Sunset...which was essentially a raspberry margarita.  It was pretty tasty.  Not too boozy, but not too sweet either.

My Mom had a salad with a skewer of shrimp on the side.  She enjoyed it.

I went with the appetizer of the shrimp mac & cheese with a side of broccoli.

Shrimp mac & cheese...I couldn't wait and dug right in!

Side of broccoli...I had already eaten half.  Seriously.  

I really enjoyed my dinner.  The broccoli was delicious, though it was a TON!  The mac & cheese was a good portion since it was an appetizer.  It was really peppery though, which gave me a little bit of heartburn.  That wasn't fun, but I would totally get it again!

We enjoyed Bubba Gumps, maybe the next time we're at City Walk we'll check it out instead of Margariaville...maybe.

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