Friday, September 28, 2012

Dining Reviews: Mint Julep Bar & Naples

I was absolutely terrible about taking pictures on Day 4 of our trip.  So I'll only review what I have pictures of.

In lieu of lunch, we opted for 2 snacks: Dole Whips and Mickey Beignets.  I knew you could get Mickey Beignets at Cafe Orleans, but I also had heard they were available at a Counter Service location.  Which began our mission: who sells them?!

We eventually found them at the Mint Julep Bar.  So yes, this review is of the Mint Julep Bar, but no, we did not get Mint Juleps!

We ordered 6 of them since this was essentially lunch.  You're given a white paper bag and inside, they looked like this:

Naked Mickey's.  Don't look!

After shaking. Covered in sugar. Om nom nom
We shook them up and then they were nice and covered in sugar!  They were hot and fresh.  A little doughy-er than I expect beignets to be, but still a good treat!

For dinner, we headed over to Naples.  We were seated without waiting on the second level next to a window.  We started with a few beverages and some calamari.

The calamari was really tasty.  It was hot, fresh, and had a light breading on it.  The sauce that came with had really great flavor too.  It was definitely a good choice.

For our main meal, we opted to share an individual pizza.  Nothing fancy, just the Margherita.  Again, continuing my theme of the day, I totally forgot the picture.  So here's one of my slices.  It was 1/4 of the pizza for those of you curious about size.

 It was very good.  Our dinner at Naples was nothing fancy, but it really hit the spot that night.  If you're in the mood for something simple, Naples is a good choice.

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