Friday, July 6, 2012

Future Home Part 5

A lot has been done since my last post about the house!

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We went and picked out our granite.  Unfortunately, the one we had originally picked was discontinued!  So we went up to the granite place in Orlando to pick out something new.
To refresh, the original choice

New choice (same that's on the actual counters in the picture above.)

Tropical Storm Debby had thrown a little bit of a kink in our building.  In order to pour the concrete slab, they needed a dry day.  Instead of any dry days, we had a number of days in a row of rain.  So then the ground had to dry out!

Luckily, after she moved out we had a number of really dry (and HOT) days, so they were able to pour the slab last week.

Slab poured, concrete blocks ready!
This is what it looked like yesterday, they're ready to start the actual building of the house!  I'm so excited.  We can't wait to move in.  The apartment is nice as far as apartments go, but we're ready for a larger kitchen and Bandit's ready to have a yard of his own!

We've been going around to furniture stores and we're starting to narrow down our choices for a new bedroom set and patio furniture!

Now all that's left is to sell our house in if anyone wants to buy a townhome...

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