Friday, May 25, 2012

How about an update?

Last I posted, we were just getting into May, now we're almost done!  Sorry about that.

Since then, we've been keeping busy.  Bandit had his first taste of steak...which might have been a mistake.  Now whenever we're cooking he's lingering around "hey, you got steak there?"  He's gotten better, but only because I think he realized that everything we cook isn't steak!
Steak? I like steak.

Saturday the 12th we headed over to one of Geoff's coworker's houses as they were having a party since his coworker had graduated from Grad school.  It's really nice to know we're making some friends.  They're all really great people!

That Sunday, it was Mother's Day.  It was the first Mother's Day in years that I actually got to spend with my Mom!  My Mom, Dad, and brother came over and I made lunch.  We then took a trip over to the neighborhood that we're building our house at and showed everyone the lot.  Unfortunately, the model wasn't open, so we weren't able to show them any of the options we picked.  Soon enough though, they'll be able to visit our new home!

We also received an offer on our house in Rochester the following day.  Unfortunately, the buyer couldn't get financed, so that fell through.  ...anyone interested in a townhome in Rochester?  Anyone?  Fingers crossed that it will sell soon.
Last week I was back in South Florida for work.  My friend Jess was also there for her work, so we were able to meet up for lunch.  It was really great to see her!  Other than that, it was a fairly uneventful trip.  I've gotten all the major fires put out at work...for now anyway.  So I think I might be able to do my actual job now rather than just fixing problems!

This past weekend was a busy one.  On Saturday, Geoff and I headed out to determine if we'd ever find anything close to a Wegman's here in Florida.  We were told to check out Downtown Produce and the new Publix that just opened close to the neighborhood where we're building our house.  Fist we went to the new Publix.  It was definitely laid out more like a Wegman's and they had a much larger produce and prepared food section than the Publix closest to our apartment.  Next we went to Downtown Produce.  It's actually a Food Service distributor that has a store open to the public.  They had great fruits & veggies with a deli, butcher, & cheese.  The quality was great and the prices were phenomenal!  They had sirloins on sale for $4.49/pound.  We picked up a steak that was just over a pound for about $5.  How can you beat that?!  Their cheese selection was great too.  It will definitely be our go-to without Wegman's cheese selection!  Between the two stores, I think I'm finally okay giving up Wegman's...though I'll still be thrilled if/when they ever open a store in Florida!

Sunday I went up to the Animal Kingdom.  My Sorority Sister Amy was on vacation with some friends, so I tagged along for the morning.  I'll make a separate post on that.

This week I've been in Gainesville for a training program.  It was a good program and I'm glad I got a chance to go.  I'm happy to be home though and I'm looking forward to the long weekend to relax a bit!

Geoff also texted me this morning that there might be a Chipotle opening along 192 in West Melbourne.  My day has been made!

All in all, we're settling into the area quite nicely.  We're loving the Florida lifestyle...and seeing Palm Trees every day!!

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