Monday, May 7, 2012

Disney Dining Reviews: Columbia Harbor House 4/29

Last Sunday I headed up to the Magic Kingdom for the afternoon.  I got there right before the 3 o'clock parade started (which is the worst time to enter a park.)  Since I hadn't eaten lunch yet, I was starving.

The most difficult part of living close to Disney?  Realizing you can't eat like you're on vacation when you go up!  So I knew exactly where I would head for a more healthy lunch: Columbia Harbor House.

Columbia Harbor House is located in Liberty Square, right across from the Haunted Mansion.  Most of the menu is seafood, but you can still get a few options with chicken, or in my case, totally vegetarian.  Some of the more healthy options on the menu include Grilled Salmon, Garden Harvest Salad, Broccoli Peppercorn Salad, and my choice, the Lighthouse sandwich.

Lighthouse Sandwich

I've had the Lighthouse sandwich before.  I really like it, in addition to being healthy, it's a different option than what you can find at most counter service locations.  The sandwich is on toasted multi-grain bread with hummus, broccoli slaw, and tomato.  The hummus is smooth and creamy, but the toasted bread and slaw add a nice crunch to the sandwich.  Normally it comes with a side of chips, but I opted for apple slices to keep things healthy.  I would definitely recommend checking out this sandwich and Columbia Harbor House!

A tip for Columbia Harbor House: head upstairs to grab a table.  It's hardly ever crowded so you can get a table easily and if you're by a window, you'll overlook the Haunted Mansion!

As a bonus, here's a few pictures I took from my short visit.
Great Goofini in the new Storybook Circus

Flag Retreat - very moving

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