Saturday, May 26, 2012

Disney Dining Review: Pizzafari & Flame Tree BBQ from 5/20

Last weekend one of my sorority sisters was heading down to Orlando with a few of her friends.  Luckily real life didn't get in the way, so I was able to head up and meet them at the Animal Kingdom!  

The Tree of Life

I got to the park about 10 minutes after my friend, instead of trying to rush to catch up, I took a leisurely stroll back to the Safari (I mean, after all, I can just head up any time!)  I grabbed an apple from a cart by the safari and waited for them to finish.
When they were off, it was breakfast time!  We headed over to Pizzafari for breakfast.  They had a few different options on the menu, including a breakfast panini.  Some of the others in our group got it and it looked delicious!  I wound up going with the spinach and goat cheese firttata:
Frittata, Pizzafari
It wasn't entirely what I was expecting.  I was expecting a slice for some reason, not something that looked like a muffin.  As you can see, it also came with potatoes and salsa.  The frittata itself was okay...the flavors were there, but the goat cheese was dry instead of creamy and rich, so the texture was a bit off for me.  The potatoes surprised me, the flavor on them was spot on and delicious!  So it was a decent stop for breakfast, but I'd probably try something besides the frittata next time.

After breakfast we decided to head over to Camp Minnie Mickey to see the Festival of the Lion King.  We were there early, which meant only one thing: time to meet Mickey Mouse!  I'm glad the group I was with embraced their inner child.  When it was our turn, the one girl we were with handed her camera to the cast member and asked him to take a picture.  He then proceeded to wait for her to go up and held the rest of us back....not what she intended at all!  She was confused as to why we weren't joining her in the picture!  Luckily, the cast member allowed the rest of us to join her.  And as we were leaving I grabbed a picture of the head cheese himself!
Head Cheese
It was then time to head into the theater for the show.  It's easily my favorite stage show at WDW.  We then headed over to Everest, where the single rider line was our friend!  The rest of the morning was spent checking out animals and soaking up the atmosphere.
Eventually, it was time for lunch.  We headed over to Flame Tree BBQ.  I hadn't been there in a while, usually Yak & Yeti is my go-to location in Animal Kingdom.  I wound up getting the pulled pork sandwich:
Pulled Pork, Coleslaw - Flame Tree BBQ
They have condiments set up where they had two different BBQ sauces out: regular and sweet & spicy.  The sandwich looked a little dry, so I decided to try the sweet & spicy sauce.  I'm glad I added some BBQ sauce to the sandwich, it definitely needed something.  I liked the BBQ sauce I tried too, it had just enough spice to add great flavor without being truly spicy.  I was a little apprehensive of ordering the sandwich since I know the rolls I've had in the past have just fallen apart on me.  However!  I'm happy to report that this roll held up!  Finally the cole slaw was crisp and refreshing.  I'm not really a huge fan of cole slaw, but this one was pretty good.  

One of the others had the BBQ chicken salad.  I was thinking about getting it, but we had salads for dinner that night, so I'm glad I didn't!  She said it was really tasty.  The chicken was sliced thin, so there was a lot of chicken in it.  

All in all, I still think Flame Tree BBQ is a great choice if you're at Animal Kingdom, and there is lots of shady seating!

I'm so glad I had an opportunity to go up and meet my friend.  I haven't seen her since graduating, so it was a nice chance to reconnect.  As much as I enjoy going to Disney by myself, it's great to be able to head up and enjoy the parks with others too!

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