Saturday, February 1, 2014

Carnival Dream Cruise: Day 4, St Thomas

This was our favorite stop on this cruise.  We woke up to an absolutely gorgeous day a little before we actually pulled into St Thomas.

I loved watching the waves break along the front of the ship. 
Before too long, we were nearing land.  Geoff and I went up to the Lido to watch us sail in.

One of my new favorite pictures <3
Once it looked like we were mostly pulled in to the pier, we headed back down to our room.  One of the neat things about having a Cove Balcony is that we were able to really watch everything that happened as we pulled in.  Once we started seeing people get off the ship, we decided to take a stroll down to the gangway and make our way off.  The only thing we had planned for the day was to take a sunset cruise, which for obvious reasons didn't leave until later in the day.  We were going to take the lift up to the look-out point...but it was closed and under construction. Womp womp.

The one nice thing about St Thomas is that since it's a US Virgin Island, we got cell service.  Which meant we got to be super annoying friends to everyone at home sending pictures of our walk:

There was a nice sidewalk that wrapped around this inlet....after of course we walked through town and took the longest way possible. We found a shorter route on our way back.  We did the same thing on our cruise-stop in Cozumel.  This is our thing apparently.

We took a stroll through the shops but we weren't really looking for anything and I developed a recently allergy to my wedding rings, so I didn't want any jewelry.  It was great just to be out and walking in the warm sunshine...though we were getting a bit overheated, so we stopped for lunch.  Also great about having cell service? Yelp.  We found this great little Mexican place.  And because we checked in on Yelp, Geoff got a free tequila shot.  We had an awesome lunch.

We strolled back to the ship and spent some time on deck reading, generally being lazy.  It was glorious.

Time eventually came for our excursion (the only one we planned through the Cruise Line - since it was an evening thing that didn't get back until it was almost time to pull back, we decided to be safe.)  The group for this excursion was amazingly small for a Cruise Line sponsored excursion.  There were maybe 20 of us total.  We went out on the Castaway Girl.  The crew was phenomenal.  Our group was all adults as well (it was billed as a Champagne Sunset Sail.)

Heading out just as the sun was starting to set
The rum punch and champagne were freely flowing (others on our boat really enjoyed that...we still paced ourselves because we're lightweights.)  They were also mixing them into what they called a "Caribbean Mimosa."  Yum!

If you head down to St Thomas, definitely see if this excursion is available.  We enjoyed it tremendously.  We were relaxed and really having a good time.

After the excursion, we were walked back to the ship - right in time to get on and watch us sail away.  I used the last bit of cell service to call my Nana before we pulled out of Port.  All in all, a fantastic day.

Dinner however, was just so-so.  I had a good Caprese salad and we both had the beef tenderloin.  Obviously they don't have grills on board to grill the steaks, so they did it under a broiler.  However, it tasted like gas.  It wasn't good.  And the cut of meat wasn't great either.  We were left rather disappointed with dinner.

This little guy was waiting for us when we got back from dinner.  Time to hit the hay.  St Martin tomorrow!

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