Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Disneyland Day 5: California Adventure

Sorry for the extended break.  We're now almost settled in to the house.  We have some furniture coming today and then we can finish unpacking!

To continue our trip out West, we're now on Day 5.  This was our last full day, so we planned on catching some things back at California Adventure.

Since we were staying at the Fairfield and had no plans for breakfast that morning, I walked over to the McDonald's and grabbed us our favorite guilty pleasures.

Once we were ready, we headed over to California Adventure.  Since we had already done Radiator Springs with a Fastpass, we decided to try our luck just walking over to it when the park opened that morning.

Streetmosphere was out greeting guests
Of course, Radiator Springs wasn't going to open until later that day.  Foiled again!

We didn't have too much interest in riding Luigi's flying tires, so we skipped that ride and I hopped in line for Mater's Junkyard Jamboree.  It was only posted as a 10 minute wait!  It was amazing how during the week the lines really died down.

Mater's Junkyard Jamboree
Mom sat out on it because of all the spinning, but I thought it was fun!  And really cute!

We decided to head over to Paradise Pier.  It was time for Midway Mania!

Again, the line was much shorter than it was over the weekend.  We maybe waited 20 minutes.  After joining the Toys, we decided to do a few other things on the Pier, so we hit up Screamin' and the Jumpin Jellyfish again.

We decided to head back over to Radiator Springs to see if it was running.  It was!  So we got in line (single riders) and in about 5 minutes, we realized we couldn't hear any cars running over our heads (we were under a bridge.)  So we waited about another 5 minutes and decided to check it out later.  Sure enough, as we were leaving the Cast Members were telling people that it was currently closed.  Whomp whomp!  Glad we did it earlier in the week!

Meeting the citizens of Radiator Springs!
Before leaving CarsLand, we were able to see Red, Mater, and McQueen.  I love Red's smile!

Next on our list was Tower of Terror!  It was essentially a walk on, so we couldn't skip it!  We had some time to kill before our big lunch at Carthay Circle, so we went into the Animation area.  We sat in on a Turtle Talk, discovered our inner characters (my Mom and I both got Maleficent, I'm strangely proud) and learned to draw Piglet!

Animation fun
Once we were finished in there (and doing a little window shopping in the drop store) we headed down the street towards Carthay.

Entertainment on Buena Vista Street
When who should appear but the Main Mouse himself!  Just arrived in Hollywood, he's trying to make it big (spoiler alert: he does!)

After that diversion, we checked in for our lunch at Carthay Circle.

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