Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dining Reviews: Carthay Circle, Cozy Cones, and Paradise Garden Grill

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  What's more fitting on Thanksgiving than a food post?!  First up on the Reviews:

Carthay Circle

Outside the restaurant

When you enter the restaurant, the downstairs has the lounge area along with the hostess stand.  We checked in and had to wait a few minutes before being taken upstairs to our table.  We were seated in the main room, close to the waiter's stand.  I'm kind of glad we were seated there.  After our meal we took a walk around the rest of the restaurant, and while still nice, we liked the atmosphere of the main room the best.

Interior of Carthay Circle
We had booked the lunch in order to take advantage of the World of Color Reserved Viewing Area.  In order to get this package, each person needed to order either an appetizer and entree or entree and dessert. Since there were just the two of us, we decided to split an appetizer, each get an entree, and then split a dessert.  Our waitress specified which items on the menu counted towards what (namely which categories the salads fell under.)

We decided to start with the Pork Satay:

Pork Satay
It wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I thought of Pork Satay, but it was absolutely delicious.  It was made with pork belly instead of the usual pieces used for satay.  Now, I have an aversion to fatty meats, but this was cooked so wonderfully and had a melt in your mouth quality to it.  It was really excellent.

Chicken Meatballs
I had heard good things about the Meatball dish, so I went with that for my entree.  It was a huge portion!  I didn't even come close to finishing it.  I found the meatballs to be slightly dry (they were chicken after all) but overall, the flavors were good.

My Mom had the "Cobb" Salad with flank steak.
"Cobb" Salad
As you can see, the meat was cooked perfectly and it wasn't a traditional Cobb Salad.  She loved it, and I might have been a little jealous of her choice.

For dessert we split the Toasted Lemon Pound Cake
Lemon Pound Cake
This was an awesome dessert.  Just the right size.  The lemon flavor on this added just enough freshness and brightness to the dish without it tasting sour.  We absolutely loved it.

We thoroughly enjoyed our meal at Carthay and would definitely stop back!

Cozy Cones

After the big lunch, we just weren't hungry when dinner time came around.  So we decided on snacks from the Cozy Cones!

Pretzel Bites
Mom opted for the Pretzel bits with cheese.  And I went with Popcorn.  They do have more than just plain popcorn, but I'm not terribly adventurous when it comes to my Popcorn, so I stuck with plain 'ol butter:

The snacks were good.  I mean, there's not too much to say about them.  They hit the spot for dinner that evening, but I wished there was more seating around the Cozy Cone area. 

Paradise Garden Grill

After our "dinner," my sweet tooth was rearing it's ugly head.  We strolled until I found something acceptable, I didn't want something huge and nothing at Ghiradelli's was standing out to me.  We were back on Paradise Pier when I saw a Strawberry & Brownie skewer on a menu.  Perfect!

Brownie Skewer
Ummm, how delicious does that look?  It was perfect and really tasty.  If you want a sweet treat, I would definitely check it out!

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