Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Enjoying the Florida Lifestyle.

We didn't do anything that exciting for Memorial Day weekend, but I have pictures, so I might as well share them!

Saturday was a pretty quiet day...and by quiet, I mean lazy.  Of course, we now live in Florida so even lazy days can be capped off by a pretty nice evening.  We decided to head to one of my new favorite places: Squid Lips.  Squid Lips is a seafood restaurant located right on the river next to the Eau Gallie causeway.  It's casual and everything you would expect a Florida seafood restaurant to be.

We were seated outside, but still under a covered deck.  Between the breeze coming off the water and the ceiling fans, you couldn't tell that it was pretty warm out!  Of course, I couldn't help but order a fancy fruity drink:
We both had Mahi, which was as fresh and tasty as you could imagine at a place like this!  Because we were seated outside, we could also hear the band playing over by the bar.  It was the kind of thing that reminded you why you moved to Florida.

On Sunday, we headed up to Orlando to give the new Fogo de Chao a try.  Geoff and I had been to one in Chicago and loved it.  For those of you who don't know, it's a Brazilian Steakhouse, which means all the waiters walk around with skewers of meat and you can eat as much as you want.  I'm pretty sure it's Geoff's idea of heaven.

Meat options
Meat. On a skewer.
We went for lunch (mostly because we're frugal and didn't want to pay the price for dinner...) and met up with my parents, who had never been before.  Everyone walked out stuffed and happy!  Geoff and I then stopped by the Florida mall for about an hour to try and walk off the heavy lunch before heading home!  I discovered there's an M&Ms store there.  That could be dangerous.

Just imagine if that was all chocolate!
This past Saturday, we decided on a whim to head to the beach.  10 minutes later, we were there:

My idea of heaven.
I can't get over how close we are to the beach.  The best part is how uncrowded it is!  I grew up going down the Jersey Shore on a summer day.  You'd get there and have to stake out your spot.  Not so at these beaches, there were people, but no where close to being crowded.  The beaches themselves were a little rocky, but perfect for parking your butt down or taking a walk!  And the water!  This time of year up in Jersey when you dip your toes in you have to wait until your ankles are numb before going further it's so cold.  Here it's warm and glorious.  It was a great way to spend an afternoon!

We also took a drive around our new neighborhood.  While construction hasn't started on our house yet, the rest of the neighborhood is going up quickly!  I can't get over the progress that's been made in the neighborhood since we put our deposit down!  

All in all, we're enjoying our decision to move here.  The weather has been gorgeous and we never have a lack of things to do!  Now if our townhouse in Rochester would sell, we'd be good to go!

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