Thursday, June 14, 2012


Last weekend we headed up to Philly for one of my friend's weddings.  It was the first time using MCO (Orlando Airport) as our home airport.  It was weird.  I'm so used to seeing the airport for the first time when I'm going to Disney! Not leaving the area!

Our trip up was uneventful, we arrived early and our bag was coming off the carousel less than 5 minutes after arriving in baggage claim -- in the Philadelphia airport.  After I picked my jaw up off the ground, we collected it and were on our way...sort of.  We collected the car (a red Prius!) and then promptly sat in traffic. At least we were reminded why we wanted to be in Melbourne and not Orlando!!

As a side note: I loved the Prius.  Right now I have an AWD SUV...which was nice in the snow belt, but a little over-kill in Florida.  When the car is paid off, I'll probably be looking for something with better gas mileage.  The Prius surprised me, I thought it would be a little weak, but I liked driving it and the gas mileage was awesome...3 gallons of gas for the entire weekend!

Geoff decided he wanted a real Cheesesteak, so we headed out to get some tasty sandwiches.

Om nom nom
I got a chicken cheesesteak as an attempt to keep it a little healthier...but really, who was I trying to fool?  It wasn't the best I've ever had, but it hit the spot.

The wedding was Friday evening, so we had time to kill during the day.  We headed to the local Wegmans (obviously) and realized that even though I thought the new Publix might be a decent's not.  It's not even close.  I seriously miss my Wegmans!  We picked up lunch and brought it to my Nana and Ba.  We were able to visit with them for a while, and my Aunt Donna stopped by as well.  It was great to visit!

Before long, it was time for the ceremony...I didn't take any pictures.  I'm not entirely sure why.  The ceremony was outdoors and it was a gorgeous day!  They seriously couldn't have asked for anything nicer.  At the reception, there were people there I haven't seen since I graduated High School.  It was great to be able to see familiar was like a mini-reunion!

Our flight out on Saturday wasn't until later in the evening, so we had time to kill.  We headed over to Plymouth Meeting (which is so much different than it was 5 years ago!) and of course hit up Chipotle...the second thing we miss most!  We then spent the rest of the afternoon window shopping, for exciting things like furniture, grills, ceiling fans and patio furniture! Woo! We're super exciting.

At the airport, we stopped at Chickie & Petes so I could introduce Geoff to Crab Fries!  Dinner of champions.
Crab Fries. And yes, most of the pictures I have from the weekend are food.
Our flight was delayed, but not by much.  When we got in, our bag was no where to be found though.  No need to worry...there was a Southwest flight coming in from Philly at practically the same time.  Our bag decided to take that flight instead.  It was a little troublesome that the representatives for AirTran at Baggage Claim immediately thought to check the Southwest flight.  I think that means they have a problem...

We stayed with my parents Saturday night into Sunday since they had Bandit.  My brother also came by on Sunday.  It's nice to be close enough to family to be able to visit on a random weekend.

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  1. Okay, now I have a little problem with took pictures of CRAB FRIES, but didn't get pictures of the WEDDING??! Come on, what are you thinking about? Get with the program, girl! :)