Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Disney Dining Review: Plaza Restaurant

When my Mom and I were up at the Magic Kingdom, we also decided to make a lunch reservation at the Plaza.  I haven't been in a while, and it's one of my Mom's favorite spots for lunch at Disney.

Plaza Restaurant
First off: the atmosphere is fairly quaint.  It's turn of the century Victorian (like the rest of Main Street.)  There aren't a whole lot of a tables in the restaurant, but it's still not that difficult to get a reservation last minute.  For reference: we made ours on the Thursday before.

We were seated at a larger table by the window.  During our meal, the Mayor's wife came in and gave the 100th family that day a free dessert!  I've seen other reviews when her or the Mayor himself will stop in.  It really helps add to the magic.

The menu here isn't anything spectacular.  They have your basic sandwiches and salads.
My Mom opted for the grilled chicken sandwich.

Chicken Sandwich
She said it really hit the spot.  The chicken was moist and flavorful.

I opted for the Vegetarian Sandwich:

Veggie Sandwich
I opted for it without peppers...because, ew.  Our waiter was great.  He asked if I was a Vegan, so I let him know I wasn't even Vegetarian, it's just that the sandwich sounded good!  It's nice to know that he was ready to accommodate a special diet if I was.  He also offered to put a grilled chicken breast on it.  While it sounded good, I wasn't totally in the mood for chicken, so I left it as is.

It was a really flavorful sandwich!  I liked it a lot.  Our waiter also left us 2 things of yellow I was in heaven dipping my chips in it.  Seriously, potato chips in yellow mustard is my guilty pleasure - you can take the girl out of PA but not the PA out of the girl!

Kid dessert
All throughout our meal I saw these lovely little desserts being delivered.  I knew I didn't want the brownie sundae or the banana split (which were HUGE) so I asked if it was possible to get the kids dessert.  Not a problem!  And really the perfect size, it was about 2 scoops of ice cream with the cone stuck on top.  Reminded me of the kids sundaes we used to get at Friendly's!

All in all, we really enjoyed the Plaza Restaurant as usual.  It's a really nice way to get out of the sun, relax and be served instead of doing quick service - and really not that much more expensive than quick service!  I definitely recommend!

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