Friday, August 17, 2012

Catching up!

It's been a while since I've done a post about what we've been up to that wasn't about Disney or building our house.

We've been enjoying the Florida sunshine.

Kidding.  Actually, as much as people have thought we were crazy for moving to Florida right before summer, it hasn't been that bad.  It's amazing how much you really get used to the heat and humidity.  Living on the coast helps, most days are usually a good 5 degrees cooler than the center of the State and we've had a number of days where it was warmer in Rochester than it was here in Melbourne!

This is usually our view off our patio:
Pretty nice!

We've found a number of restaurants that we love that are right on the river or on the coast.
View from Squid Lips - not bad for a Monday night!
We headed up to Cape Canveral and went to Jetty Park one weekend.  It's a great spot and is really family friendly with life guards on duty as well as playgrounds for the kids.  You can fish right off the pier, so we took a walk down the pier and back.

Out on the jetty


Cruise ships

Turtle eating an apple

And of course we've been out to the beach near us...all of 10 minutes away!

We've also been back to the Space Center and checked out the Astronaut Hall of Fame:

A lot of our time has been spent looking for furniture and appliances for when our house is finished.  Not exciting enough for pictures!  We just did the pre-dry wall walk through on Thursday.  It looks like we'll have a finished house by the end of September and we'll close in October.

Last weekend we checked out the Brevard Zoo.  Now, I'm not a big fan of zoos.  They usually are smelly.  The Brevard Zoo is really nice though.  All the animals are out and about and there are lush trails that you walk on. If you're in the area and like zoos, it's definitely worth checking out.  They also do zip lines and canopy tours.

Giraffe - they even have an area that you can feed them!

Finally, the last update is that my parents got a puppy!  They adopted a one year old terrier named Emmie.

She's a little shy, but has been warming up now that she's getting used to her new digs.  We're heading over on Saturday to celebrate my Mom's birthday and Bandit will get to meet Emmie.  It'll be quite the day.

Next weekend my Mom and I leave for Disneyland! I am so ready for vacation!

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