Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ipsy April 2014 Review

Monday was a great mail day - I got three packages in the mail!  I also realized that I may have a small problem with ordering stuff online.  Anyway, one of those packages was from Ipsy!  It's only my second one, but I really love seeing that pink envelope in my mailbox.

For anyone unfamiliar with Ipsy (referral link), it's a monthly beauty subscription service similar to Birchbox.  The main focus for Ipsy is cosmetics, you receive 4-5 items plus a makeup bag every month for $10 (includes shipping.)  They promise to ship by mid-month, so this month arrived right on time.

There was really only one thing in my bag this month that I had zero interest in and from my stalking Instagram, it looks like there wasn't anything that would have been my "ideal" bag this month, so overall I'm pretty happy with what I received.

This month's theme was "beauty rocks."  Super corny and I'm a huge fan of the bag.  It's fine, but it's not one I'm going to be keeping in my purse.  Really that's fine with me, I didn't sign up for Ipsy for the bags, it's just a nice perk.

I really have no need for false lashes - this is the one item that I wasn't at all excited to receive and will definitely not use.  The good news is that I found out that Cancer Centers like to collect lashes so they can give them to Chemo patients.  I'll be donating mine, so at least they won't go to waste!  Value: $4

This liner went out to everyone.  It's Urban Decay Black Velvet.  I love Urban Decay products - I use their BB Cream, Foundation, eye shadows... but I wasn't overly excited about a black liner.  It's a very severe look for me.  Luckily, someone I work with was getting a plum colored eye liner in her Birchbox and she prefers black liners, so we swapped!  It worked out pretty well for both of us.  This is almost full size, value: $15

This cute little pot is City Color's White Gold highlighter/eye shadow.  I've never played with a highlighter before, so I'm anxious to give this a try.  This is the only item I haven't tried yet, but probably the one I was most excited about (I know that makes no sense.)  Hopefully I'm able to try it this weekend, so if I look horrid, I have time to wash my face and start over!  Full size (yeah, it's tiny!): $4

This is Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm.  They sent this out in both Acid Pink and Apple Pink.  I received the Acid Pink and I'm glad I did!  I've recently discovered that while I cannot pull of a bright red lip, a bright pink lip works pretty well.  I accidentally bought a lipstick at Ulta that was a much brighter pink than I realized at the store, but I love it!  It's very similar to the Cailyn when I have it on.  The advantage definitely goes to Cailyn though.  I put this on as soon as I finished my bag's photo shoot.  Then ate dinner, and purposefully didn't wash it off before bed.  It was still going strong before my shower - that's some serious staying power!  The only thing I didn't like was that it was kind of drying, but if I wear a little gloss with it, that solves that problem.  I'm considering buying more shades of this.  Full size, value: $19

Finally we have Lollitint, which is a new product from Benefit.  A LOT of people were excited that this was in the bags this month.  I was excited because I know Benefit is a really good cosmetic brand.  The product fell a little flat for me.  It can be used as a blush or as a lip tint.  I'm not so sure about using it as blush, so I stuck with the lip tint.  I had a hard time applying it evenly because it's much more liquidy than the Cailyn...I wore it to work today and found myself taking a wet paper towel to it to try to even it out this morning.  On the plus side it lasted pretty long, just not my favorite. Value: $8

Overall, the value on this bag was pretty great.  I paid $10 for the bag and received $50 worth of products!  The items were a little hit or miss, but I'm overall really happy with everything I received and I'm excited for next month!

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