Saturday, March 22, 2014

March 2014 Graze Review

I signed up for yet another Subscription box this month - before you say anything, yes, I have a problem and may need an intervention.  This one is different than the other ones I have though because it's FOOD!

Graze ships monthly or every 2 weeks.  So far, we just have the monthly subscription.  It runs $6 per box, including shipping.  The focus is on healthy snacks.  They have two options, either the NibbleBox or the Calorie Counter Box (all snacks in that box are 50-150 calories.)  They send you 4 random snacks, but you can rate them on their website and anything you mark "trash" you will never receive.  I was looking forward to this box since it's one that Geoff and I both can use!  Oh, and if you use my friend code, you'll get your first and fifth box free!  This first box was free for us, so I decided to try it - if we didn't like it, we'd cancel it before the next one.
When the box arrives, it seems pretty small until you open it and realize that the entire box is full, they don't waste space!

We received a pretty good combination of snacks for our first box, there were things I was excited to try, and things Geoff was excited to try!

From the top left, working clockwise, first it My Thai, which are soy dippers for a thai-chili dipping sauce.  I'm not crazy about spicy snacks, but I knew Geoff would want to try it - I was right!  Second is Apple Crumble, a dried fruit mix.  I'm excited to give this one a try, I really enjoy dried fruit.  Third is a Fruit & Seed "Flapjack." It's essentially a chewy, moist granola bar.  This is the only item we've tried so far and it was delicious!  I would buy a whole box of them!  Finally, there's Black Pepper Cashews (also includes red-skinned peanuts.)  I love cashews, but I'm not a huge fan of black pepper, so I'll pass these along to Geoff.

Each box also includes the nutrition facts and shelf life of the snacks on the included card.

I like this box so far!  It's fun to get little snacks in the mail.  The only real downside of this box is that it only is a single portion of each snack, so if you find something you love (like the flapjacks!) you can't order it in full-size. But really - when the only downside I see is that you might like an item too much?  Not really that much of a downside!

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